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Hot Deals From Dave's:
Valid 1/27/15 - 1/31/15.

From the Meat Department:
-Gerber's Whole Chicken Legs: $1.59/lb
(Original Retail: $2.29/lb)
  -All Natural, Boneless Center Cut
Pork Chops: $3.49/lb
(Original Retail: $4.49/lb)
-Choice, Boneless Chuck Roasts: $3.99/lb
(Original Retail: $4.99/lb)

From the Deli:
-Hormel Hard Salami: $6.39/lb
(Original Retail: $7.39/lb)
-Albert's Capacolla Style Ham: $5.19/lb
(Original Retail: $6.19/lb)

-Sorrento Provolone Cheese: $5.09/lb
(Original Retail: $6.09/lb)

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