Welcome to Dave's Country Meats

Dave's is now taking orders for the Holiday Season:
-Bone-In & Boneless Hickory Smoked Hams
-100% Black Angus, Choice Beef Tenderloins
-100% Black Angus, Choice Bone-In and Boneless Rib Roasts
-Pounds Turkeys: (Available Sizes: 14-16 & 16-18) and Turkey Breasts (Only 4-6 and 6-8 are available).
-Baked goods from Dinner Rolls and Sandwich Buns to Pies and Cookies
CLICK HERE to view this seasons
Holiday Flyer.
CLICK HERE to view this seasons
Heat N' Serve Menu.
-All Orders are Due by Friday, 12/14!

Holiday Hours:
Dec 18 - 21 (Tues - Fri): OPEN 9:00AM - 5:30PM
Dec 22 (Sat): OPEN 9:00AM - 3:00PM
Dec 23 (Sun): OPEN 9:00AM - NOON
Dec 24 (Mon): OPEN 9:00AM - NOON
Dec 25 & 26 (Tues & Wed) CLOSED
~Merry Christmas!!!

Dece 27 - 28 (Thu & Fri): OPEN 9:00AM - 5:30PM
Dec 29 (Sat): OPEN 9:00AM - 3:00PM
Dec 30 (Sun): CLOSED
Dec 31 (Mon): OPEN 9:00AM - NOON 
Jan 1st & 2nd (Tues & Wed) CLOSED
~Happy New Year!!!
Regular Business Hours resume Thurs, Jan 3rd

Hot Deals at Dave's:
Valid 12/4/18 - 12/8/18

From The Meat Room:
-Berber's Bone-In Breasts: $2.29/lb
(Original Retail: $2.99/lb)
-Bone-In Pork Shoulder Roasts: $1.79/lb
(Original Retail: $2.79/lb)
-100% Black Angus Briskets: $5.99/lb
(Original Retail: $6.99/lb)
-Hickory Smoked Canadian Bacon: $4.99/lb (Original Retail: $5.99/lb)

From The Deli:
-Lamagna Provolone Cheese: $3.99/lb
(Original Retail: $4.99/lb)
-Pearl Valley Smoked Swiss Cheese: $5.99/lb (Original Retail: $7.29/lb)
-Elite Brand Corned Beef: $6.99/lb
(Original Retail: $7.99/lb)
-Hormel Hard Salami: $6.89/lb
(Original Retail: $7.89/lb)

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